Hello and welcome to thewebsite of NITEQ Transport and Handling Systems.

NITEQ is specialized in the design and supply of railway transport equipment: Railcar moving and spotting systems, such as shunters, locomotives, steelrope winch systems and systems moving on rails for industrial environments.

Our office

The NITEQ product range starts at the boundary of the main lines - secondary lines. The train or a set of railcars comes in a workshop or a loading platform and the NITEQ equipment takes over.

Via interlocks to the local loading or workshop equipment the NITEQ systems form an integrated part of the process. This enables the operator to work safe, reliable and independent from main line locomotives etc.

NITEQ Focus ...

  • Reliable railway quality
  • Safety first
  • Interlock with other equipment
  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Maintenance by local engineers
  • High efficiency with AC motor technique
  • Environment; clean electric traction and hybrid
  • Long lifetime.

NITEQ Transport + Handling

Overspoor 27
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 229.57.2613
Fax.: +31 229.57.3171
E-Mail: Info@NITEQ.nl

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